Friday, June 26, 2009

Under The Tree

Go visit Carly and gather Under the Tree with us!!!

Hair Color: Brunette - well that's the color it is supposed to be, right now it has a little gray in it, actually a lot!
Eye color: Brown
Profession: Teacher/Mother to 4 wonderful children
Relationship status: Married

My Favorites:
Favorite color: I don't really have one, but if I had to choose I would say magenta
Favorite movie: The Hangover
Favorite animal: not too much of an animal person
Favorite store: William~Sonoma
Favorite childhood memory: Going to the beach with my family
Favorite hobby: Making Jewelry
Favorite song/singer: Bob Marley
Favorite book/author: I haven't really read an adult book since I had Emma, so maybe the children's authors Tomie dePaola or Judy Schachner
Favorite school subject: Math
Favorite vacation destination: Would love to go to Italy and see where my grandma grew up!
Favorite food: cheese enchiladas
Favorite restaurant: don't have one

This or That
Coke or pepsi : Diet pepsi
Beer or wine: Both!
Coffee or tea: Both again!
Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ
Summer or Winter: Summer
Cats or dogs: Neither
Salty or sweet: Sweet!
Plane or boat: Plane or boat, I don't care as long as I am getting out of here!!
Morning or night: either sometimes neither
Money or love: Love
Breakfast or dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or revenge: Forgiveness
House or apartment: House
Like to cook: Yes, even though I have hardly done it in the last 2 months!

Have You Ever:
Got a speeding ticket: Ummm, I don't think so
Wished you were someone else: Yes I have, but in reality, no, there is not much I would change.
Cried during a movie: Yes and most commercials

Describe yourself in one word: Caring
Biggest fear: upsetting others(this was my original answer, but after reading Rikki's post I am changing it...) I am living through it since losing my babies.
Biggest mistake: hmmmm...I don't know...
Your proudest accomplishment: All 4 of my children
Dream job: Working for myself, selling my jewelry all over the world
Special talents: I am pretty crafty
Where would you rather be at the moment: away from it all
Famous person you want to meet: can't think of any I would want to meet...
Song to be played at your funeral: something that would bring peace to my loved ones


  1. Hi there...I'm over from Carly's blog. Just wanted to say hello. I enjoyed reading your post. And, I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious daughters, Sophia and Ellie. I said good-bye to my twin daughters, Faith and Grace twelve years ago. Praying God's continued comfort and sufficient grace for you and your family.

    Kelly Gerken
    Sufficient Grace Ministries

  2. I'm going to go over and visit Caryl. She is a great person. This was a nice post to read. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi. I think that it is definantly true for all of us who have lost children and unfortunantly we have to live our biggest fear every day probably for the rest of our lives. I hope to see one day that your jewelery being sold all over the world. take care xx

  4. It was nice to learn about you! I stopped over from Under the Tree.

  5. We are living our worst fear - how awful.

    You know I hate upsetting others too.

    Good Luck with the jewelry - how gorgeous!


  6. Orange Juice is definitely my favorite too.

    I also cry during commercials! I always feel kind of silly but there's one new commercial and they play the song Broken Hallelujah song and that one just makes me sob

  7. I would love to see The Hangover. I desperately need a good laugh.
    Good to see another California girl on the blogs. I'm in San Diego. How about you?