Friday, July 10, 2009


Today I should be 32 weeks pregnant.
Today I should be having a scheduled c-section.
Today I should be meeting my sweet babies for the first time.

Instead, I am doing none of these. I am just missing my girls and thinking about how life should be.


  1. What a difficult day this has to be for you. I am so sorry for this terrible journey you must walk. How can a day that was supposed to be so wonderful be so horrific. Who could have ever know other than God. Today has been my day of telling way too many women that we will not have the answers to "WHY?" until we meet Him in Heaven. I pray for your comfort. If I could reach through the screen to hug you and cry with you I would be with you in an instant. God Bless

  2. thinking of you and your sweet babies today....

  3. Thinking of you!! It is soooo hard when we think about the "Shoulds" and the "Whys" and the "Whatifs?" Though I don't think that there is an angel mama out there- that hasn't done just that! Wishing you peace and hoping that those whispers will begin to fade... little by little... in my experience they do- but they do not go away- not completely anyway...
    Laura D.

  4. Thinking of you Tina.
    Thinking of Sophia and Ellie.

  5. Praying for peace and comfort as you get through this hard date. And you will, get through, and will never forget. I will light a candle for your baby girls. Hugs, Nan xo

  6. I am so sorry-that sucks so bad. I think we are on similar timelines-I lost my twins April 13th and would be about 37 weeks today...
    The hardest thing for me, and the thing I do the most is I'm constantly saying...I should not be doing this right now. This is not what I would be doing if the babies were here/if I was still pregnant. I sometimes wonder if getting past the due date will help with that? I'm not sure. I don't know. Anyway, I'm thinking of you and I'm sorry that your beautiful girls are not here with you.

  7. I came across you blog today from Brenna's blog and I am so deeply sorry about the loss of your girls. I remember how difficult Zoelle's due date was for me. You are in my thoughts. ~Kate