Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was reading through some blogs the other day and found something I wanted to share. I am sure some of you have already read this, but there are those of us who have recently suffered our loss and may not know. I borrowed this from Mrs. A, who borrowed it from Courtney, who borrowed it from Birni, who borrowed it from Inanna, whose friend gave to her. Okay, I think I have given all the appropriate people props here, so on to the info.

"Did you know every time we carry a child, they leave their DNA in us? So if someone takes enough of our blood, they can find traces of every child we've carried within us, for the rest of our lives."

I like knowing that I always physically carry a piece of my girls with me. Would I rather be carrying them...absolutely; that goes with out saying. But I do think this is sweet information. It brings my a bit of comfort to know they exist within me, in my blood, in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. I love you sweet girls!


  1. Hi Tina,
    This is very comforting info, I would love to see if there is a whole article on it...ya think there is one?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs and hope you are well, Nan xo

  2. There is an article regarding this (it is primarily about something else and just mentions this.) Here is the address:


  3. That is amazing, I didn't know that. I'm happy that it gives you comfort.

  4. VERY COOL!!! Thanks for sharing... you and all the people you gave props too! I'll be passing that on to mommies I know for sure too...!!! ;-)

  5. Wow i didnt know that. it is nic to know that in some small way we will always carry a part of them with us :)
    Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Thank you for posting that. It is a very sweet reminder that there is still a part of them alive within us. I'm going to look at the link above now.
    Tina, thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog. (:

  7. Those are wonderful thoughts, and something I didn't know. I am glad it is of comfort to you, and pray that it continues to provide comfort.

  8. Thanks for sharing that - so good to know. Recently I've had the urge to tattoo "Zachary" on my lower back or somewhere else inconspicuous, just to keep his memory with me in a tangible sense. This is reassuring, this DNA news. :-)

  9. Hello, I found your blog through clicking and clicking and clicking. I am a new baby loss mama. My daughter Camille died and was born on June 30, 2011 when I was 38 weeks pregnant for no known reason. I was reading through your story and I am so sorry your two precious little girls are not alive and with you. Such beautiful names too. I read this post about your baby leaving behind DNA inside you. That gave me the chills and I just am so glad to know I carry a physical component of her with me always.