Monday, March 1, 2010

The funeral, 10 months, strange ? & a fb giveaway

Hutch's grandma's funeral was Thursday. It was strange for me; I felt very peaceful and didn't even cry at the services. I know it is hard for everyone who loved her to let go of such an important part of the family, but when I think of her, I think of someone who lived a long wonderful life. She lived every moment to the fullest and never held back. I think if we were able to ask her, she would say that she has no regrets. I am very sad for Hutch's grandpa though. They have been married 64 years and together even longer than that. My heart breaks for him. He has always been so feisty and chipper, and to see him now, you know his heart has been ripped from his chest. I am saddened that his life partner has been taken from him, but I have to believe that he will get through this. If we are able to work through our grief, he can work though his too.

Thursday was also 10 months since saying goodbye to my sweet Sophia & Ellie. After the funeral, we hosted lunch at our house. It was a beautiful day, even with all the sadness. We had white roses on all the tables, so after the luncheon we made 4 bouquets from the roses and took one of them out to the girls. I loved taking a piece of their great-grandma's day out to them. Then this weekend we took the rest of the flowers out to grandma. Unfortunately they are not buried at the same cemetery, but that is okay.

I have felt so much peace and comfort since grandma's passing. I feel kind of selfish and strange for not being sadder than I am. But I am taking so much comfort in thinking she is with my girls. They now have someone who loves them to look after them until I can be there. I feel a sense of peace knowing that they are all together.

The cat is definitely out of the bag about my pregnancy. My doctor took me off work 3+ weeks ago, so everyone from work now knows. I've been asked a question a few times that kind of bothers me. People ask me, "How many babies this time, one or two?" In a way I feel this is insensitive, but on the other hand, I like the fact that they recognize my twins. I don't know, it just seems weird to me when I hear these words come out of someone's mouth. I guess I am probably being too analytical about it.

Franchesca at Small Bird Studio made me a button for my etsy shop. She was great to work with even through all my indecisiveness. Thanks Franchesca!! And speaking of my shop...I had my 100th sale on etsy a few days ago! To thank everyone for their support, I am doing a giveaway on If you are interested in winning a gift certificate to my shop, please go here, become a fan, and leave a comment. I will be choosing a winner in a few days.

Hope you all have a great week!!


  1. Ah. I can feel the peace coming off this post and I like that :) I love that you took some of the flowers out to the girls - that must have been very special.

    I got a lot of, "Just one this time?!" Which super bugged me at first (as if something was *wrong* with carrying 2?), but in the end I too took it as recognizing my twins in a tiny way, which I appreciate.

    Now what's your due date again? I don't think I realized that you'd been taken off work already, you must be further along than I realize!

  2. I am so glad that you feel peace with the passing of Hutch's grandma. It sounds like she was a neat lady. I all goes well with this pregnancy. Don't let what people say bother you too much. they just don't understand or know what to say.

  3. My grandpa died when I was 9 months out from losing Hope. He too was very old and had lead a wonderful life. He too had been married to my grandma for 64 years! Can't help but draw on the similarities here!
    I also wasn't as "sad" as I once thought I might have been. His funeral was peaceful. It was as a funeral should be. The tears I shed on the day were not for him, but for Hope. I felt bad for that, but that's just the way it was. Her life/funeral were not as things should be.

  4. I am so glad you feel peace! Are you on bed rest?

  5. ((hugs))

    I have been wanting to open my etsy shop but I just haven't yet.... someday..

  6. My grandma was already in Heaven when Maddie passed on, but I know how much solace I take in the thought that she was there to welcome my little girl. I know that the twins did the same for Hutch's grandma, and that she's giving them all of her love.

    Sending hugs!

  7. I also find solace in the idea of my Ouma looking after my little girl. I'm glad you have a sense of peace and that there is someone looking Sophia & Ellie for you.
    That question would irk me a little bit too. xo

  8. I agree with BB; I too got the "one this time? too bad" with Alex. But then, when I was pregnant with Bobby and Maya, I had to hear "oooh twins again. I'm sorry..." Sorry? These are my babies!!! You arent over analyzing. People say dumb things.

    Sending loving thoughts...

  9. Oh, I am sorry about your grandma. But what beautiful thoughts you expressed through this post.

    And I am sorry people say those things to you. People do say the "silliest" things.


  10. I think that after you lose someone you truly love- death isn't as scary anymore- or maybe not as sad- perhaps because when we think of heaven we think it must be a pretty amazing place to have such precious little children and our loved ones there! I can't remember if I'm a fan on your FB page or not yet... I'll have to check. I really don't understand the etsy thing- but I've heard of it... perhaps I'll learn something else new today. And I love the button- I've been trying to figure out how to do one for my blog and it never comes out right... I'm not very tech saavy as you can tell now- that cat's out of the bag- I love that your's is too- and people asked me that with all of my other babes- I never had reason for them to think that there would be more than one- but with my last pregnancy my doc said my numbers were high- I was relieved to have a singleton- but then thought... what if there were two... well- nevermind- not going to go there.
    Sorry for the long rambling comment.

  11. I am with you, they are definitely all together and that IS something to feel peace over. xx

  12. I'm grabbing your button now for my family blog!

    I think it is good that you feel the peace about her passing and being with your girls. I know that would comfort me. Happy 10 month birthday to your sweet and beautiful girls!

  13. I have to agree, it is so great to feel the peace coming from your post here. She is with your girls. Our boys had their great-great grandparents and my Uncle Kevin up there with them so it gave us a little peace in our hearts.

    A LOT of people have asked if I am carrying twins again or just one. I found it to be a little offensive too but just like you, appreciated the slight acknowledgment of our boys.