Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 Days of Giveaways...Day 21!!!

My dear IRL friend "L" who stumbled across my blog several weeks ago wanted to be involved in our giveaways. After finding my blog, "L" sent me a message right away telling me how happy she was that I have this space to share my feelings with people who understand my pain. As you can imagine (and I wrote about here) I was a little surprised and scared. I feel that if too many people (or the wrong the people) find out about this space that I will not be free to write what I feel...I will be guarded and that is not what I want. But, I know "L" would never betray my trust. She has been open and honest with me about her feelings, what she has read, and what she thinks and how she feels about my girls. I completely trust her and have given her permission to read my posts.

When "L" read about the giveaways, she said she wanted to "host" one too. So today's giveaway is from my dear friend "L" via my blog. This item that she has made for one of us is lovely. I know she has put a lot of thought and love into it. It is a small vintage basket that she stumbled upon in an antique shop I believe. She has embellished it with a beautiful glittery bird, some lovely ribbon, and even some stuff (I don't know what it is called, it is what doilies are made of) that her grandmother made. It is gorgeous. I think it would be the perfect place to store photos of your baby(ies), but it can be used for a number of things. Here are some pictures, but they definitely do not do it justice.

So to enter today's giveaway, leave me a comment and tell me about someway your IRL friends have surprised you...if you want to, or just leave your info!! And just so we are clear on this...I will be leaving a comment because I would LOVE to win this from my very special friend! I will randomly choose a winner sometime tomorrow...Good Luck!!


  1. I hope you win, Tina! You deserve it!

    L, you are an awesome friend!

    I was so surprised when a group of my friends dropped off a beautiful flower arrangement on Ella's due date. Also, surprised that my sister donated to March of Dimes in Ella's honor this Christmas.

    Are you excited? 2 more days til' winter break!!

  2. its absolutely beautiful.

    my co-workers sent me a beautiful plant after we lost cadynce which meant a lot to me that they were thinking of me, and my best friend bought me a pretty keychain with "Footprints" quoted on it, which for her was a shocker lol.

  3. That's just lovely and I know I said I wouldn't enter anymore contests but I love that!!

    My friend, K, remembers anniversaries. Every year she remembers the date I delivered the boys. Last year, she gave me a lovely keychain that said, "our boys." She remembered and organized a lunch on what would have been their first birthday. I have friends who remember those things too but with her, it's just different. There is no expectation of thanks. She just does it because that's the thoughtful person she is....

  4. What a thoughtful, beautiful friend!! I think it is wonderful to have IRL friends who are gentle and kind to our feelings! It makes such a huge difference!

    My friend, Karen sent me an email on mothers day this year letting me know she was thinking of me. She said although Zoe had passed away, she wanted me to know I am still a mother and she was thinking of me. It was simple and beautiful, and it really touched my heart. I will never forget that!

    Thank you "L" and thank you Tina for your give a ways. What a wonderful idea!

  5. I unfortunately don't have any stories to share in regards to my friends. :(

    The basket is truly beautiful though!!

  6. I understand why you wouldn't want too many people IRL to find this space. My blog was started back in May when I found out I was high risk, and the purpose was to let people IRL know about appointments. Well after my loss, it became more of a place where I express my emotions as I cope, and it sometimes bothers me knowing that so many people IRL still read and have access into my soul. I do find myself being guarded sometimes because of it, but I try really hard to just put it all out there. I figure if it's too hard to read, then they don't have to stop by, and I have even had a couple people tell me they couldn't read it much anymore because it was too heavy for them. Anyway....the basket is beautiful! I'm glad you have such a great IRL friend. And I haven't said it yet, but thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. Even though I found out too late to participate as a host (or did I?), I have enjoyed discovering new blogs and it's always a little exciting in the morning to go see who has won things.

  7. This is a beautiful basket!

    Many of my IRL friends and co-workers made the 3 hour drive to attend Ellie's funeral service. I never expected that kind of love and support. It means so much to me that they cared enough to be there for her funeral.

  8. That basket is beautiful - so many precious memories that can go into it.

    I have lost touch with most of my friends - probably because their lives moved forward and mine did not. However, there are a few girls, Michelle - Elizabeth and Deb, who have sent me text messages on Vincent's due date / mother's days / whenever they know I am down. It means the world to me that they remember my little angel.

    tina - you do deserve to win this after setting up all this for us!

  9. My friends blessed us in so many ways, but I loved that when I finally went back to work after loosing the girls, my friends sent me flowers to help me smile on that day. It meant so much to me to know that they were thinking of me.

  10. Unfortunately, I hae lost many friends since the loss of my daughter. Some people who seemed to be there at the beginning no longer are. I think after a while they realized this wasn't going to go away so they stopped trying.

    However there are a few that will still write their names on cards and such, or who will let me talk about them without rolling their eyes. However I still find myself guarded when I talk about my family because so many people have been scared away.

    But yet, I have put up this wall that I feel that if people really care, they will climb over it. Or at least they will keep knocking on it til it falls over.

    However even those who are still "there for me" are not really THERE for me, you know? I notice it even more now that it's just me.

    Btw, I didn't find out about this 25 days of giveaways until it already started, but if you ever do another one, I may be able to host a prize.

    Anyway... sorry for my rambling...

  11. I know it is sorta scary when one of you IRL friends come up to you and tell you that they have been reading your blog. This has happened so many times, I can't even count. I do think about what I write and if I really want to be real honest I just journal. Both has helped me tremendously.

    Just yesterday a sweet friend left something on my porch..a candle and a card. The card was addressed to "Rebekah's mommy" and the waterworks began. It was so sweet. I am amazed that people still remember me even after two months since Rebekah's passing.

  12. Beautiful!! Its nice when someone remembers your angels! I have had people remember Kasey's birthday and now his angelversary, its very touching. Tina I think, but now I can't find the asked if someone would write your girls name in the snow, when it snows again (its all old crusty and ugly now)I will do that for you!

  13. The basket is beautiful.

    My IRL friends have not really surprised me. In the beginning they were all there for me, but now they all go on with their own lives. I have met a lot of good friends through my support group though. Those are the people I go to if I ever need anything.

  14. The basket is beautiful!

    I had a friend who came over when I got home from the hospital and she made a beautiful scrapbook of my babies photos and items. It really touched my heart and I treasure it.

  15. Tina, I am glad that I'm not the only one who experiences some angst when it comes to the IRL friends and family reading the blog!! As some of the other girls here have posted, many of the people around us have gone on living their lives without much additional fanfare. But I got quite a surprise yesterday from someone that I work with in the school system. Late Tuesday night I had posted a note on FB that, instead of buying more things for Toys for Tots in honor of Gracie, I have decided that I want to donate to Doing Good in Her Name ( i want to ship a box out between Christmas and New Year and figured that perhaps some of our relatives would also like to participate. Without saying a word, the other therapist walked into a classroom yesterday and handed me a bag full of stuff for the package. She had gone out and purchased it on her lunch hour. I was really touched by that.

    I do have an IRL friend that lost a baby @ 40 weeks. (Her 3rd angelversary is coming up on 12/27.) She has been so supportive through this process.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!! One of my friends IRL surprised me with an silver angel ornament from Things Remembered and had Jenna Belle's name engraved on it. It meant so much to see her name like that. I still do not know who it is, because she is my secret sister... but I have an idea. :)

  17. I love it! My IRL friend brought me an plant that she claims you can not kill, sice i was sad i killed all thr other ones we got after nolans service. I felt like a failure that I couldnt keep anything alive. She even decorated the pot in nautical anchors and his name. it was so thoughtful.

  18. How special! My IRL friend Kara stepped up to the plate after Morgan died. She'd lost a baby 15 years prior (which I did not know) and she took the reins and organized the funeral for me because I was emotionally incapable. She helped me find a support group and she was pretty much my rock for the first 6 months. I don't know how I would have gotten through anything without her.
    Another IRL friend Tina that started out as an online friend surprised me when she said she wanted to send flowers for Blumpy when we lost him. She is the only person besides my grandmother who talks about him like he was a baby.

  19. my IRL friend, steve (actually hubs friend, but you know how that goes) took the hubs out of town last weekend on a surprise guys weekend to see a football game. it was an awesome surprise for frank, as he's had a rough year too. at least that's why steve said they wanted to do this for him. see, even guys can 'get it' sometimes, and be human to each other! it's not all fart and dick jokes!

    PS - this giveaway thing is going so well, tina. you should be proud. kudos to you! bravo! you are awesome!

  20. Your friend sounds so wonderful. I have a colleague who always reads my blogs and emails me positive comments that show her depth of understanding. I am so thankful to her for taking the time and making the effort to see where I am on my journey down the baby loss road.

  21. what a beautiful gesture! the box is beautiful, and whoever wins it, (my fingers are crossed for sure) will be very blessed. I have a friend who has run a marathon twice to raise money for Leukemia in my daughter's memory. She had never run before, and her commitment to making a difference has meant so much to me.

  22. I know I mentioned my friend "L" but there have also been many, many others who have helped to make losing our girls a little bit easier. It was definietly more noticiable in the beginning, but a card, or e-mail, flowers at the cemetery, or questions every now and then lets me know that they still think of my beautiful girls! Good luck to us all!!!!!!