Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An update and A WINNER!!!!!

Okay, so I sat down to write about my holidays the other day and I had so much to say that the post got REALLY long, so I decided to divide it up and just post a little bit here along with the winner of the last giveaway...I know that's what you are really here for anyway!! ;)

So the holidays were difficult, I don't need to tell all of you that. Something was definitely missing from my heart. It is kind of funny (not ha ha funny, but peculiar funny) that even though these two little girls were never physically here on a previous holiday, their absence can still be felt so much. However, some people IRL were very thoughtful and remembered my girls in some way and I thought I would start by sharing that.

As I mentioned before, we bought a little white Christmas Tree for Sophia & Ellie, well actually my parents bought it for them. We decorated it in all pink; pink bows, pink sparkly foliage, etc. My mom bought two sweet, white, puffy angel ornaments that we hung on the tree and she also bought silver and rhinestone initial ornaments for both the girls. These were so heavy so I just laid them at the base of the tree. I also bought some ornaments for the girls. There are the two sleeping babies wrapped in wings and also a silver mother with he saying "A mother holds her children's hands for a while, their hearts forever" printed on it. I thought this message was perfect for how I feel.

My IRL friend "L" surprised me with a little something. She took four white glass ornaments and wrote each of my children's names on one of the ornaments. What a lovely gift from a lovely friend. They are so special to me and I love seeing all four of them hang together on my tree.

My sil also surprised me with a gift. She gave me two Lenox angel ornaments that each have Sophia's & Ellie's names printed on them. They are very precious and it was such a thoughtful thing for her to do.

I wanted to find a stocking for Sophia & Ellie to hang from the mantel with the rest of ours. I had a really difficult time with this because nothing was just right. I finally settled on a light pink stocking with a tiara pinned on it. I asked my other sil, who is a wonderful seamstress, if she would embroider the girls' names on it for me. She did and it is beautiful. Even though it is not what I had envisioned, it is perfect.

Then on Christmas Day, my aunt & uncle (my mom's sister & husband) surprised me with a special gift too. They live a few hours away and apparently there is a 93 year old woman who makes ornaments by hand in their town. They gave me 2 special angels that this lady made. I was truly touched by their thoughtfulness. I don't see them very often and to know they thought of my girls brought tears to my eyes (and down my cheeks.)

I know this sounds self-centered, but I am surprised that a few of my other friends/family didn't mention my girls at all. A little message to say they are thinking about all of us would have been much appreciated. I know it is a busy time of year, and it is so easy to get caught up in all that is going on, but I don't would have been nice. I guess I am expecting too much and should just be thankful for what these wonderful people did for my girls. I hope people expressed their thoughts of your babies to you too during this holiday season.

Using, the winner is commenter #8...MB at Three Pairs of Feet!! Congratulations MB!!! Contact me at and we will get it all worked out!
Thank you all so much for participating in the giveaways. I think it was a great way to bring a smile to our faces. I hope we can do it again next Christmas!!


  1. You are so lucky to have such supportive family/friends. Most of mine have either pretended like my losses didn't exist or they have stopped talking to me all together.

    I was completely alone at christmas this year and last (except for my dog) since my husband joined our daughter in heaven last november. :(

    Where in the world did you find those little babies in wings ornaments? I have seen (online) the full size ones like that that is meant to be a garden ornament.

  2. Everything is so beautiful. I second Ter. You are so lucky to have such a support. The gifts are absolutely beautiful. I had some family that I wish had acknowledged Jonathan over Christmas. *hugs*

  3. Wow, so many people surprised you with such thoughtful and beautiful things for your girls!!! I am so glad. Although, I think there is always some disappointment, regardless, of who doesn't remember or mention or babies. I wish they would too. The Christmas tree for your girls is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all the pictures, they are lovely. Also, congrats MB!

  4. Oh how lovely that so many people rememebred your girls! That bright pink tree made me smile ear to ear! And the ornaments and stocking are lovely. I'm so glad you have such support (although I understand that it could always be more!) A rarity indeed :)

  5. I love your darlings tree and ornaments. I had a few remember and mention my daughter, but so many people seemed almost afraid to say anything to me. I'm so glad you have those beautiful decorations to remember your babies with. The stocking is beautiful too. I hung a stocking for Shyla on our mantle as well and just posted some pics of my Christmas blessings.

    Oh, and congrats to MB, I'm a little jealous!

  6. beautiful ornaments, beautiful tree, beautiful's all just beautiful and a wonderful way to remember your girls.

    this year was hard for me, too. this was the second christmas without my twin daughters, vivian and annemarie, and NO ONE mentioned them at all. it was really hard. but the good part was that I noticed how I have changed in a year, and even though I never thought I would feel better about them being gone, I did have a happier christmas than last year.

    time is healing my heart, but it continues to be hard, and I just realized that it doesn't matter if others acknowledge my girls, all that REALLY matters is my relationship with them. it still does sting, though when people don't talk about getting around that!

    Many hugs to you!!!


  7. Tina, I love all the ornaments. You have some very thoughtful people in your life. The tree is so lovely!

    Congrats on winning, MB!

  8. Oh Tina. They are all so beautiful. Sophia and Ellie's tree is so precious.

    It doesn't sound self-centered. Not at all. Sophia and Ellie are your little girls and of course you would like them thought of and mentioned. xo

  9. I LOVE THE TREE!! And I totally want to know where you found the small version of the babies in angel wings?? I love them!! You are blessed to have so many remember your babies. I know my parents did and it meant so much!

  10. Hi sweetie,
    Sounds like we had alot of the same experiences. I think people thought they would upset me if they did a bunch of things for the girls. Its funny too (not funny haha) how people think, but to each their own. We have the same initial ornaments! I love them! I love all of the gifts you received they are beautiful....I wish I could have sent you something! Someday :) Love, Nan xo

  11. Tina--I love teh tree. It is so pretty. All the things your friends nad family did were so thoughtful--you are very blessed to have them. I think it is that huge wall between babyloss mamas and the rest of the world that comes up at christmas time, why some don't recognize.
    Thanks for sharing the pics. And my girls, Karly especially, wear their necklaces all the time. My sisters and mom love them, too. Thanks so much. (I LOVE the lower case btw)

  12. How Blessed you are to have such support. As someone who has not only been there myself, but has been involved in the facilitation of support groups and one on one interaction with grieving parents, I can honestly say that hearing of such wonderful support is not very common.
    I also wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for coming up with, setting up, and facilitation these wonderful give a ways. God Bless !

  13. wow you had many people think of the girls! I know it hurts when people dont remember, that is my story :( Thank you again for setting up the give aways!


  14. What beautiful gifts. ((HUGS)) Always praying for your comfort.

  15. I love the girls' tree! That pink and white is so pretty! It is so nice when people remember your babies. I'm so glad that you got these gifts that showed that.

  16. The support that you have received is so important. It is wonderful to see that your family still keeps you and your girls in their hearts. I cannot imagine a more perfect tree for the girls.