Saturday, September 3, 2011

a sweet conversation

We were standing in line, an elderly lady was behind us and talking to us about Gigi.

lady (to Emma): Are you her big sister?

Emma: Yes.

lady: Do you have any other brothers or sisters?

Emma: Yes, I have a brother and two other sisters.

me: a big smile and a very warm heart

That girl of mine is the sweetest!


Tomorrow is my EDD (2 years ago). I know Sophia & Ellie wouldn't have made it to their due date, but it still makes me sit here and wonder what my life would be like with 2 two year olds. I wish I knew.

Tomorrow is also the day I miscarried the first pregnancy after the twins. I can't imagine our lives without Gigi, but I still wonder who that little one was.


  1. ((hugs))

    We'll never stop wondering what our lives would be like with our babies...

  2. Oh Emma is so sweet.

    Remembering both your beautiful twins and your little tiny star tomorrow xo

  3. Children's hearts are so pure! I love that she acknowledged her sisters!! Thinking of you <3