Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i wonder

I've been thinking about this a lot lately...

Brady and Emma have very similar features. They both have brown hair, dark skin, beautiful hazel eyes, and they have always been at the top of the growth charts.

I always assumed the twins would have these same features. Then along came my sweet Gigi. She is the pip-squeak of the family. She is no where near the top of the growth charts, she has BLONDE hair, BLUE eyes, and as Hutch says, she is "pig-mentally challenged" meaning she is super pale!
So now I sit and wonder what color their eyes are, is their hair brown or blonde, are they olive complected or pale...I guess I'll never know during this lifetime...I wish I didn't have to wonder.


  1. I wonder the same things ALL.THE.TIME. And that wondering never stops hurting or reminding me what should be. Hugs and prayers to you hon!

    Kat @ In Dylan's Memory

  2. Oh gosh yes, I wonder too. I have a mixture of fair and dark children, and I always think Florence would have been darker, judging by those first few hours, but I'll never know for sure.
    Oh my though, look at Gigi, how adorable is she?

  3. DP and I have discussed this occasionally... Our two living children who we've had together both have the blondest of blonde hair and blue eyes, just like him. Freja's hair was a lot darker, more like mine... However looking at pictures the other day I never realized at the time how dark our son's hair was when he was born. Now I wonder if Freja's would've lightened up too, or maybe she would've had hair more like mine....

  4. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I know. Love you xxxooo

  5. Oh my, Emma and Brady have SUCH beautiful eyes, that photograph of Emma is just stunning. Gigi is just sooooo sweet. ALL of your children are beautiful, I know that much.

    It is horrible isn't it? To think that we will never know what they would have looked liked other than as tiny babies. I tend to think of G as looking like J but, as they weren't identical twins like Sophia and Ellie, I don't know how similar she would have looked, had she lived.

    I'm with you, I wish we didn't have to wonder xo

  6. I often wonder too, as A looked exactly like her older brother when born...

    Your kids are gorgeous. Love the rainbow tutu :)

  7. It is hard not to wonder. I love Christy's comment that one day you will see.