Monday, December 6, 2010

day 7

Two special ladies are doing two special giveaways today!  Emma & Chase’s mommy, Jill, at Footprints on Our Heart is hosting one.  Jill is a very special person who does so much for others.  You can take a look at one of her projects here.  Today’s other giveaway is being done by Alexandra’s mommy, Maggie, at Butterflies for Alexandra.  Maggie is such a sweet woman who offers so much support to those around her.  Thanks ladies for hosting today’s giveaways!  Now go on over and see what they have to offer and don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for day 8!!


  1. Hi there...not sure how to join in...or if you know about Sufficient Grace Ministries, but we are having a giveaway all week, offering several items. One of which is a $50 gift certificate to My Forever Child. Just thought I would share! My blog address is: