Friday, July 30, 2010

the 25th and some advertising

Last Sunday was the 25th…another month gone by, another month without Sophia and Ellie.  One may think it would get easier with each passing month, but it really doesn’t.  It still hurts and my heart is always so heavy, just knowing that life keeps moving on without my girls.  However, I do have so much to be thankful for and I think those things help to bring me out of the sadness.

Last month I didn’t make it to the cemetery on the 25th.  I had so much guilt for not being able to go.  I know it is okay, we went a couple days later, but this is one of the few things I can do for my girls and to miss it, to not go out there and put some fresh flowers in their vase, just made me feel so sad. 

There is a new blog in town…Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope.  If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend you check it out.  Kristin is the mastermind behind this brilliant idea.  It is a way for people in our community to come together, share our stories, and support one another.  Its also a way to bring awareness to the issue of pregnancy and infant loss.  Right now there is a GIVEAWAY taking place on the faces blog.  You can grab the button and make a few suggestions to enter…and you just might win a gift certificate to my etsy shop!!

Speaking of etsy shops; I sent out Gigi’s birth announcements a couple weeks ago.  Ashlee at Grady Bug Designs designed the announcement for me.  We used Gigi’s 2 week pictures, I gave her a few of my thoughts, and this is what she came up with:

 Birth Announcement Tina Front bw

 Birth Announcement Tina Back

They are BEAUTIFUL!!  I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.  Ashlee sent me the file and my photographer sent them to the lab to be printed. Another great thing about them is the envelope!  Now I must confess, I do get pretty excited about a great envelope (yes I know that is kind of weird!)  To me its like wrapping paper for a card!  These came with a see through velum envelope, so when people received them, they could see Gigi’s sweet face right away. 

I really wanted a way to include Sophia and Ellie on the announcement.  If you click of the back (the color side) of the card you may be able to see it.  After all of Gigi’s information it says:

Welcomed with love by Hutch, Tina, Brady, and Emma

Watched form above by Sophia and Ellie”

If you are a photographer, I highly recommend checking out Ashlee’s shop.  She was wonderful to work with and has many unique designs and templates.  If you aren’t a photographer, I bet she would be willing to do a custom design for you with your pictures for something special. 

Okay, enough advertising from me today.  Wishing you all a peaceful weekend!


  1. BEAUTIFUL announcement...i love it!

  2. They are just gorgeous. And of course so is Gigi!

  3. love the announcements :)
    and, I must say, I like a good envelope, too!

  4. Gigi is beautiful and so are her announcements. I like pretty envelopes, too.

  5. Gigi's announcements are beautiful! Love them!!

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  7. I loved the announcement :) I hope Gigi is thriving and cant wait to see more pictures!
    Im with you, every time the 6th of the month rolls around I feel like I have to do something...and then I feel like if I ever miss it one month then I feel like a bad mother. *sigh* Thinking of all of our girls xxx Love Nan

  8. The announcements are beautiful. Gigi is precious and a sweet blessing. I have been to the new Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope and I think it is a wonderful site.

  9. Your verse brought tears to my eyes! Perfect!