Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 17!!!

I can’t believe there are only 8 days left!  There have been some fabulous giveaways going on and I hope you have been enjoying them and meeting some new wonderful people .

Today we have TWO more fabulous giveaways going on!!  The first is from Mikayla and Chase’s mommy, Melissa, at Chasing Our Rainbow.  Melissa is also the woman behind Mikayla’s Grace, where  they support families with a baby in the NICU and those who experience the death of an infant. Pretty wonderful right?  Go on over and visit her, she is giving away 3 lovely items and is also hosting a separate giveaway from the Mikayla’s Grace fb page.  Go check it all out!!

Our second giveaway today is from Dylan’s parents, Jus and Kat, at In Dylan’s Memory.  They too are giving away two special items today!  Go take a look!!

See you tomorrow, I promise, I’ll TRY to be on time! x0

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