Friday, November 25, 2011

25 days of giveaways

Last Sunday, I sent an e-mail to all those who said they would like to host a day. I haven't heard from many of you, so check your junk mail and if you don't see it e-mail me at I just want to make sure everyone gets the info and know when their day is!

On another note, today is the 25th. That means 2 years and 7 months without my girls. I'm so thankful to have them in my life, even though it is not in the capacity I wish they were in it. It's amazing to me how my grief has changed. I remember in the early days reading posts by other mothers who were further out from their loss. I would think that time would never help to heal my brokeness. However, it has. My girls are in my thoughts constantly. I see their memory box and sketch many times throughout the day. Today I put up their little Christmas tree. They are a part of my everyday life, but I still wish they were physically here.


  1. I emailed you but didn't hear back so I'm assuming that you got it ( I bought my gift for the giveaway today and I'm very excited to participate!

  2. I believe I did respond back to your email. I am so excited to be able to participate.

    I can relate...Shealyn has been goon for a little over 2 and a half years. Shea is a part of my everyday...but I feel less broken less hopeless. Thing of you and the girls. xoxo

  3. I mailed you back, hope you got it. Less than a week till my day.
    Have we got a button yet?

  4. How did I miss this this year? If you still have room I would love to host.